Christmas Box


The Christmas box contains a hand-picked selection of the finest Italian produce all presented in a high quality black box. Tarallo Breads: Tarallo, like a cracker, bread stick and pretzel all rolled into one, but better. A soft no yeast dough, made with olive oil and white wine. Boiled then baked. Troffie Pasta: Troffie is a short twisted artisan pasta, ours is made in a small village 6 miles from Bari in Puglia by Antonella and her father in small batches. It has a little more bite than other pasta shapes for an authentic al dente taste and is designed to work perfectly in Italian recipes which use Pesto Genovese sauce. Pesto: Pesto Genovese is made from fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil and grana, made with the traditional recipe from Imperia from Liguria. It is completely free of preservatives, and hosts an intense but fresh flavour. Made by two old brothers dedicated to making olive oil and preserves a few miles from the Imperia city. Fig Marmalade: Fig Marmalade or Marmellata di Fichi is made with very small batches of white and black figs harvested in August when they are ripe and naturally sweet (and free of pectin) Is a great accompaniment for goat or aged cheese. Francesco is a young passionate producer based in the Sardinian mountains. Artichokes and Walnuts Bruschetta: Snack like a true Italian? This product is made by the small producer in Puglia, with a delicate artichoke and walnut pate. Ideal for your pre-dinner nibbles.